La Famiglia Scorpio

Giuseppe Scorpio was born in Vairano Patenora on June 2, 1939 into the house of a long line of master stone masons. He gladly followed in his father’s footsteps creating beautiful works of art set to withstand the test of time. Maria Milano was born in Piedimonte Matese on January 20, 1939 to the parents of goods merchants. In 1963 the two married and soon after started a family. By the time they were blessed with their fourth child, Giuseppe had decided to make a courageous move across the ocean for a chance at a better life for his family. In the 1970s the Scorpios made a new start in Providence, Rhode Island.

In 1986 shortly after the wedding of their only daughter Elisabetta, Giuseppe would make his second life changing move, this time to Deltona, Florida.   In December 2002, Scorpio’s Italian Eatery was founded.  Maria, Giuseppe and thier son Vincenzo, worked side by side to bring the authentic taste of Italy to the table in the  family restaurant in Florida.

After working on several years on Federal Hill as a restaurant manager, Elisabetta decided to venture out and bring the same home-made, italian food to the downtown Attleboro area.  Scorpios Italian Eatery and Pizzeria opened in September of 2010.  With the blessing of their mamma and papa', Elisabetta, John, thier family and staff are bringing you the time-honored recipes from their Nonna Lucia's kitchen back in the old country.     

Elisabetta's parents still enjoy the tradition of making wine in the fall, visiting Italy every year, and making sure both restaurants run smoothly. In the evening they can be found greeting guests in the dining room in Florida and lending a helping hand wherever he is needed.